Tony C


Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals

Kiki V


Bass Guitar and Lead
and Backup Vocals

Rockin Bobby B


Percussion and Backup Vocals

With the recent passing of Eddie Van Halen, Miraj members recount the days when Bass player Michael Anthony played with the band's outing as Snake.  

Back in the 80's when Van Halen was starting to make a name for themselves; Miraj, called themselves Snake and were also creating a fan following.  Snake had finished their set at Pasadena High School and Van Halen was preparing to go on when they blew their PA.  Michael Anthony stepped up and told Van Halen to use Snakes PA and the friendship was born.

Soon thereafter Van Halen asked Michael to join them and the rest is history.

Along the way the 2 bands became good friends, collaborating, making music and just hanging out.  Michael would bring Eddie with him who was always playing his guitar.  They would hang out with Tony and Kiki, while Tony's sister would make tacos that became Eddie's favorite.

Some of the photos you see here, were taken from various locales, including the Van Halen Compound, and backstage at the US Festival.

Farewell Eddie Van Halen, your music, your laugh and your life will be missed deeply.

The Band's History and Connection with Van Halen


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